Leo Bruce Annual Award

Leo Bruce Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence

The nominee must be a member in good standing with the Bay St. George Chamber of Commerce – or any local area business

Nomination Procedure:
Any person may nominate an eligible business by completing the attached form.

Selection Procedure:
The Board of Directors of the BSG Chamber of Commerce will appoint a Selection Committee to review nominations and to determine the award recipient. The decision of the selection committee is final.

The following criteria describe key factors which will be used to measure the accomplishment of the nominee:

  • Excels in all areas of business and shows leadership within the Bay St. George region.
  • Assumes the risk of a business venture
  • Is motivated and growth oriented
  • Is involved in community
  • Takes pride in community
  • Demonstrates good business ethics
  • Provides a consistent, high quality product/service
  • Provides customer satisfaction
  • Is innovative
  • Supports local suppliers (where applicable)
  • Has had and continues to have a positive impact upon the Bay St. George economy
  • Has been a successful entrepreneur for a minimum of 5 years

Leo Bruce Award Nomination Form – 2021

Past Winners:

2001 – J.M Delaney
2002 – First Choice Vision Centre
2003 – First Choice Vision Centre
2004 – EFCO Enterprises Limited
2005 – N/A
2006 – Log Cabin INC Dhoon Lodge
2007 – Pottle Enterprises
2008 – Indian Head Co-op
2009 – Western College
2010 –  Danny’s Bake Shop
2011 –  Callahan’s contracting Ltd.
2012 –  Pizza Delight
2013 –  N/A
2014 –  Eddy Service
2015 –  Stephenville Decor Ltd.
2016 –  Hometown Furniture Inc.
2017 – Kung and Roberts Chartered Accountants
2018 – Russell’s Funeral Home
2019 – AMGWES Safety Inc.
2020 – N/A
2021 – Susannah Rose Quilt Patch