General Meeting for November 21 was a success!

At the meeting today Mark Felix Chair of the Town of Stephenville Finance Committee launched the Consultations for 2018 Budget. If you didn’t make it to the meeting today then you should try to take in one of the other two meetings.

There will be  two more Public Consultation Meetings for the Town of Stephenville Budget 2018 on Wednesday, November 22nd at 7 p.m. and another on Thursday, November 23rd at 8 a.m.  at the Town Hall. 

Get Informed – Contribute your input 

You may also go to the Town of Stephenville’s website to complete their survey.

Mayor Tom Rose and his council are working on ” Growing our Town Together”.

Below is a link to Mark’s Presentation.

Financial Overview Presentation – Mark Felix r6

President Tom Rose also congratulated some long standing businesses in the community.

Stephenville Theatre Festival is celebrating 40 years this year and has a new chair of the festival Don Dunphy.

Russell’s Funeral Home was 50 years in business this past September.

Hometown Furniture is celebrating 25 years this month.

The Port of Stephenville was recognized as an important part of our community as was the Stephenville Airport.  We as a chamber and together with the town are working to create a healthy and more vibrant community.