A1 Safety Training & Consulting Ltd.
Matthew Connolly
38 Dunbar Ave
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 3T4
ABH Precast
Ashley Hines
P.O. Box 99
Stephenville, NL
A2N 3Y9
(P) 643-1827
Sonya Chow
1 Regent Square
Joseph R. Smallwood Building
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 7K6
(P) (709)-640-8196
(F) (709) 637-4483
ACS Financial & Insurance
Arch Locke
1 Neptune Drive, Stephenville, NL A2N 3X8
(P) 643-9280
(F) 643-9299
Alexander-Simms Sports
Mike Alexander
3 Birch Dr., Kippens, NL A2N 3P2
(P) 643-3434
AMGWES Safety Inc.
Cecil Ryan
3 Neptune Drive
Stephenville, NL
A2N 3X8
(P) 709-643-3100
(C) 709-649-3613
Appalachia Distributing Ltd.
Terry Styles
99 Carolina Ave.
Stephenville, NL
A2N 3B4
(P) 643-2861
(F) 643-2863
Abbott & Haliburton Co. Ltd.
Christa Abbott
PO Box 130
Port au Port NL A0N 1T0
F: 709-648-9518

Bank of Montreal
Linda Lucas
78 Main Street, Stephenville,
NL A2N 1J3
(P) 643-8908
(F) 643-9481
Stephen Barker
1st Floor, Fortis Towers, 4 Herald Ave. Corner Brook, NL A2N 4B4
(P) 637-4528
(F) 637-4522
BDW Roofing Inc
Rick Flynn
48 Utah Drive
Stephenville, NL
(P) 643-5099
(F) 643-5191
Bailey's Marine Service
Dean Bailey
90 Kippens Rd., Kippens, NL A2N 1B3
(P) 643-9260
(F) 643-9889
Bell Aliant
Floyd Francis
Carolina Ave., Stephenville, NL
A2N 2S5
(P) 643-1087
(F) 643-9429
Ben's Pharmacy
Janet Fradsham
P.O. Box 278,
103 Main St., Stephenville, NL
A2N 2Z4
(P) 643-2012
(F) 643-6050

BSG Community Employment Corporation
Ray McIsaac
35 Carolina Ave., Stephenville, NL A2N 3P8
(P) 643-3470
(F) 643-3421
BSG Residential Support Board
Michelle King
83A Main Street, Stephenville, NL
A2N 1H9
(P) 643-9762
(F) 643-9764
BSG Status of Women
Sheila Felix
54 St. Clare Avenue Stephenville, NL
(P) 643-4444
(F) 643-4704
The Buidling Depot Inc.
Randy Simon
P.O. Box 74, Stephenville, NL
(P) 643-6941
(F) 643-5604
Byrnes Shoes
& Sportsware/
Embroidery & Cresting
Bob Byrnes
83 Main Street, Stephenville, NL
A2N 1H9
(P) 643-2991
(F) 643-6667
Callahan's Contracting Ltd.
Brad Callahan
33 Whites Ave. Stephenville, NL A2N 1M9
(P) 643-9148
Central Service Station Ltd.
Claudette/ D.J. Callahan
P.O. Box 264
St. George's, NL
A0N 1Z0
(P) 647-3501
(P) 647-3040
Newcap Inc.
Katherine Hogan
60 West Street, Stephenville, NL
A2N 1C6
(P) 643-2191
(F) 643-5025
Community Education Network
Bernice Hancock
Jenny Chaulk
P.O Box 421
31-37 Gallant Street
Stephenville, NL
A2N 2Z2
(P) 709-643-4891
(F) 709-643-5490
College of the North Atlantic
Darlene Oake
P.O. Box 5400, Stephenville, NL
A2N 2Z6
(P) 643-7788
(F) 643-7784
Community Business Development Corporation - CBDC Long Range
Mary Lambert
35 Carolina Ave., Stephenville, NL A2N 3P8
(P) 643-5606
(F) 643-6004
Containerized Sanitation
Jason & Sharon Keating
7 Bayview Heights, Kippens, NL
A2N 3N1
(P) 643-3279
(F) 643-3278
Continental Flowers (1975) Ltd.
PO Box 302
42 Queen Street
Stephenville Mall
Stephenville, NL
A2N 2Z4
Tel: 709-643-4968/643-3132